Women T-shirt Mockup Template

Women T-shirt Mockup Template T-shirt Template
Women T-shirt Mockup Template
The template contains a group of layers and 2 stand-alone layers. The 2 stand alone layers are for the white and the black T-shirts, and all you have to do is select the one you want to use and hide the group and the other layer. The group contains one layer with a white T-shirt and a bunch of colored layers. If you want to use one of those colors, you have to make the group visible, to make the layer with the t-shirt within the group visible too and also the layer with the selected color. And, of course, hide the rest of those layers. Also, the colors contained in the PSD are exactly the ones from this preview, but you can change them by simply selecting the layer and filling it with your desired color.
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Format :Psd
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